Grapes of Wrath Goes Green…or celedon, or teal, or lime…

The greenest wedding would be having a simple ceremony with two witnesses!!   Unfortunately, the greenest wedding would also be pretty lonesome…and not very fun!   Since we all agree that we’d like family and friends to share in our vows and in our celebration, let’s see what we can do!   You can stay green by keeping it simple. Simple is not a lessening of quality.

When we meet, we will work with you on details that can not only ‘green’ your wedding, but maybe even save you money!

We offer sugarcane fiber biodegradable plates when we do anything disposable.

We offer U.S. grown corn-based cutlery when we use disposable flatware.

Our bars always have lemon-iced filtered water.  We just don’t need to truck in a bunch of plastic bottles for each event.

We recycle.  Look for the blue containers at each event.

Even more important, we support our local vendors.  Coffee is roasted by Larry Thurmond …produce is Carmel Valley and Salinas Valley grown…and…in season!

Leftovers that have been at safe temperature go to the Victory Mission.

We clean all our non-food related equipment with a white vinegar and water solution.

Great ideas for favor alternatives that your guests will remember… .( even a small donation per table gives a family in Ecuador their own flock of chickens!!) Want more info?  (link to heiffer international)

Organic place cards on handmade hemp paper may seem green…..but a lovely seating chart in a frame that can be reused…and doesn’t demand a million pieces of paper…is greener!

Bubbles are nice, but hey…how many of us have brought those tiny plastic bottles home to our kids…only to have them languish in the car console!…maybe we can all blow …kisses!

Quality, simply prepared local food is greener that organics shipped in–of course, we are lucky in this area to have most organic produce within 50 miles, year round!

A program for the ceremony is nice….but we pick up almost every single one and put it in the recycling after the wedding….think about whether or not you need one.

Favors…If you have something that really calls out to you–that you want to give your guests…by all means do it. We love the cd compilations that our clients make. You don’t have to. There are no favor police!

Let’s chat about your Green Wedding!

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