Dear Person of Moderation

Dear Victoria,
My fiance wants a full bar til the event closes, but I am worried that guests will get too drunk. He says that it will be too boring if we don’t….what do you think?

Dear Person of Moderation,
Wellll….even Victoria has been known to overindulge! And when there is hard liquor for six or seven hours…it can bring with it drama and a different intensity…Here’s a middle ground that we have found works really well: have a couple of signature drinks during the cocktail hour. Everyone gets a nice little get to invent a cool drink and make cute signs for the bar annnnd…at dinner the guests have wine at the table and after dinner they can continue on in to the dancing hours with beer and wine, thus keeping a nice party atmosphere without that dreaded phrase…”HEY! I know! We should all do some shots!!!!!”

Victoria says no to the full bar and YES to the signature drinks.